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The Sows-eye-tea.
They're all members of it.
The board who talk about
They talk about how,
is not at all like the youth of yesteryear.
They speculate over their finest china,
with earl's grey in one hand,
and a rich tea in the other.
They talk about us like we're not here-
they say our clothes are tacky,
and our music too promiscuous.
They spread their wisdom over their scones,
and laugh,
but only when they run out of criticism.
"Yes. but of course it's really the parents who are to blame.
WE didn't raise you to be like that,
Did we sweetie?"
"You'd never dream to do things like that-
would you?"
I replicate the fake smile that they model to me.
I whisper.
"Good" She replies.
(But I wasn't talking to her-
I was talking to the custard creams,
who threatened to rape my taste buds.)
They are right,
Not eating DOES make you fatter.
It's as though,
The more weight I lose,
The more there is to go.
Until I am able to slip
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Gentle caressing hands soften beneath thick skin,
Opening eyes that have seen nightmares.
Tenderly did the sun shine,
and removed what tempest could not.
Hold her hand,
Guide her home,
Release troubled water her forsaken eyes were unable.
Let the sun warm her skin,
Bring colour to her pallour.
May she emerge from the abyss and flee,
Lord please grant her blind eyes see.
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The Song of the Night
in front of glowing screens,
awaiting dawns that never arise.
Awaiting the Sun's rays, to bathe your
dry bones,
and for the morning dew to rejuvenate your skin
You part
cracked lips
to speak into the night.
Surrounded by void space,
the singing silence whispering a melody-
A still, yet resonating song,
like soapy fingers on glass.
So sing the humpback whales,
whilst you're left drowning.
The sound chases down
every swallowed tear,
every healing scar,
every silent afternoon
inspiring them to move.
Like wild horses,
reveal your agile mind,
leaping like a dainty mountain gazelle.
Spare no thought for inhibitions.
It is here-
the release you've been praying for-
It is here.
From your broken soul,
broken mind,
and wounded heart,
You sing like a bird set free
from prison bars,
and intruding eyes.
Sobs rise from so deep,
that you can barely tell
whether they came from you,
through you,
or to you.
But before you could be alarmed by the secrets roused,
they disappear into th
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Dear Self
Dear Self,
You know that I know you.
I know by the time you've finished reading this you'll still be dying to go for a run, away from anything, everything and nothing I'm fine;
I know you feel like a very big mess of anything, everything and nothing I'm fine.
I know tonight you lost count of the sheep, and you crept down into the bathroom to find relief in the number that is slightly smaller than last night;
I know you are scared, confused and feel terribly lost;
I know you think noisy thoughts about who you are;
I know you think you're selfish,
because the nature of yourself
is to think of yourself
thinking of yourself
whilst writing of yourself
to yourself,
But just to inform you-
This is not true.
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The Truth
He speaks in false words,
for He speaks the Truth,
Not mere mortal truth,
which changes with the president,
Prime minister,
King, Queen.
Whatever is true for you-
For it's not true anyway.
His words carry more weight than air,
for isn't that what words are?
Deep breath,
Thrown together in a wishful pot by a black and white chef,
Who knows not really what it is to cook a meal,
or serve a guest.
he's just another clown,
he entertains your tongue,
Creating- no not creating,
manipulating and reforming colours.
The Truth creates,
Lies manipulate,
We do not know what it means to create;
How did you make blue?
How about Red?
As I thought,
As ever we are running,
chasing rainbows,
round in circles.
Running from the Truth about our truth;
It isn't truth at all!
And now your heart sinks,
the penny drops,
and you fall to your knees and humble yourself for the first time.
You bow your head and accept the Truth,
His Truth,
His True L
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When words become nothing more than mere sounds.
When the author, poet, and journalist alike,
put down their pens,
and turn in for the night.
When emotions become wolves, hunting in a pack.
Who, with roars of deafening silence,
Cause dictionaries, thesauruses,
And other great literary works to fall.
And in that moment,
the power changes hands.
For she could not save the words,
Nor could the words save her.
From feeling.
Deeper than she ever has before.
She feels. She falls.
Into a sea of emotion,
words but a speck on the horizon.
For just as words capture emotions,
Emotions capture words.
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Anywhere is Somewhere
I woke up this morning with the sun still shining,
And felt it was time to stop all the whining.
I'm fed up of saying, "I'm going NOWHERE,"
Then suddenly I realised, I'm ALREADY somewhere!
I was feeling peaceful in the mid-morning heat,
And the birds singing sweetly made my life complete.
There's no need to worry, just trying to cope,
JUST LOOK WHERE YOU'VE COME, then you'll find hope.
Yes I realized that second, that one thing is true,
If I'm ANYWHERE, I'm SOMEWHERE, and that counts for YOU!
Although realizing this, took me a while,
Now I'll move on STILL wearing my smile!
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Losing touch, losing hope,
Doing anything to cope.
Tangled up and inside out,
finding light in this blackout.
Hunting high and hunting low,
Where oh where did she go?
The little girl I left behind,
The one I just can't seem to find.
She'd run around without a care,
Put little flowers in her hair.
Giggle with that infectious smile,
Little girl, it's been a while!
Then one day, looking around,
Suddenly the girl I found.
She'd really been there all along.
She'd just grown up, was that so wrong?
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Belly Fire
Belly fire,
Heart's desire,
The way to win,
Is to be thin.
Tired eyes,
See fat thighs,
Read tips all night,
for her cellulite.
Greedy lips,
That feed those hips,
Will lie all day,
To keep fat at bay.
Scarring knuckles,
As she buckles,
To purge the sin,
Of where she's been.
Thinning hair,
her despair,
she's ageing early,
that's ugly surely?
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130 Points Giveaway (Closed)
Wow. You guys really came through in this giveaway. Over 1000 favs? That surprised me. The feedback on this was overwhelming.. Like wow. I still don't know if I can answer every single comment here.. I'll try though. c:
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